How to Play NLPredictor

Thanks for being a part of the NLPredictor Beta – it’s been a labour of love to build this little platform.

It’s a relatively simple game to be honest. Each week there will be three games that you have to try to predict the scores of. There is always one game from the National League, one game from the NL South and finally one from the NL North.

Each gameweek has a deadline (usually an hour before the first game’s kick-off), and once that deadline has passed you can no longer make predictions.

Once you make your selections, we wait until all three games have finished, and then scores are calculated. If you get the score exactly right (i.e. you said 3-1 and it finishes 3-1) then you get 3 points. If you don’t get the correct score, but you still get the correct result (i.e. you predict 3-1 and it finishes 2-1) then you get 1 point. If you get the result wrong (i.e. you predict 3-1 and it finishes 1-1) then you get 0 points.

It’s that simple. We’ll run this all season. There will be a season long table, as well as monthly tables.

I am also introducing mini-leagues that you can play with just your friends – I am not sure if this will be ready immediately.

So now you understand how to play, you can go here to make your first set of predictions